Thursday, April 1, 2010

About time for another....


Thought it was about time to make another blog entry, seeing as how much we're meant to do for this subject is a bi on the heavy side (at least for blogging, I mean come on, I personally hate blogs)

Anyway, first term just finished, and almost everyone has gone home, there is only me and 2 other people in my dorm built for 20, and I think one of them is going home today o.O

So I get almost complete use of the kitchen, which anyone in New Res will know, is awesome! But I am also sick, I can barely talk, my throat is all sore and blocked, so I'm quite quiet. But that's ok, means I get lots of work done.

And what work?
Tutorial Paper for VIS101
Do some essay practise for VIS101
Work out how to rotoscope and such for VFX101, maybe draw up a kind of story board for it too.
Try to finish a Zelda game or 2
Continue blogging, deliciousing and flickring.
Get better.
Feed myself
Go to that Wedding
Go to visit girlfriend (long distance relationships are hard.)

That about sums it up I guess.

I'm sorry to say that for the most part I think I will be uploading funny photos everywhere, because I have over 400 of them on my computer here :D

So this blogs one, is a bit of a brain teaser, try it out.

"Life's a bitch? Bend it over a table!"

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