Monday, April 19, 2010

It's time for my....


That's right boys and girls, here it is:

Though out this subject, I have learnt to use and abuse certain parts of the great mish mash that is the internet, namely Blogger (this site and blog) Flicker (mine is here), (here for me) and minor forays into HTML coding and such, which isn't covered in this part of this subject.

Still with me?


My blogger account has a total of 9 blog posts, with my favourite (or more interesting) here, here and here, in no particular order. Aesthetically I've done little with my blog, being the minimalist that I am, though I have uploaded a picture with every post that I could. As for commenting on other peoples blogs, I have and did, but they have disappeared on one of the blogs when they changed their layout, and it won't let me comment any more. And the only other classmate I could find has only posted one blog update, so I've commented on that here. I know we're meant to comment on more than one, but I did and it disappeared, and I've tried to find others but I don't understand what the hell bloggers system is, I click on one of my followers and I won't let me view their blog -.- so yeah, one comment. The tags I have been using have been minimal, along the lines of MPI104, and maybe something to do with my post, gas, alone etc etc though I sometimes did forget since the tags (or labels as blogger calls them) is so easy to miss when you've been typing in this box for so long. Beyond all that I havent done much on blogger, I've placed a quote of interest at the end of every post though, so yay me. is a new concept for me; a site for bookmarking sites...didn't think much of it at first, but I have now learnt how it can come in handy for people, though I myself haven't had cause to use it, I generally memorise the web pages I frequent. Anyway, I have bookmarked 8 sites on my account, all of which interest me for different reasons; I use them, they have my content in them, they are funny or informative etc etc. My 3 favourite links would have to be this, for its humour and irreverence, this because it contains almost all my note worthy artwork in this world, and this because it is so much better than the normal forums supplied by CSU, making the animation degree that much easier.

And finally Flickr, the site for the uploading and sharing of pictures. Much like deviantArt which I use often, Flickr is less artistically themed, making it more of a plain old "you see what I see" site, which is not a bad thing, just not perhaps very inspired. I have a grand total of 14 images uploaded and one video, none of which are photos as I don't have a camera of any description. My favourite images would be this, this and this. Ill let you figure out why.

And I believe that wraps up this monstrous blog post, I hope it pleases and satisfies.

"What the eye sees is a reflection of what the mind comprehends."

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