Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I know what you're thinking!

But really, I've been thinking of how useful one would be in my personal Uni life, as I don't need a laptop but could use something to keep my notes, timetables, tasks, projects, not to mention playing fun ass games during vis101 lectures if they got too boring. I thought the iPad would fill this niche nicely.

But aside from the usual Apple bashing a Mac user (such as myself) comes across on a daily basis, there were many qualms about the iPad which carried weight for me;

Lack of flash support, a sad truth, but undoubtedly someone out there will make an app fixing this, if apple itself doesn't release an update with flash support.

Lack of a headphone jack. A comeplete lie, it has one.

Lack of USB support, only half true. Although the iPad itself does not have a USB port, the dock with which it connects to other computers connects to the ipads built in 30-pin socket, which in turn connects to the host computers USB port. And if that isn't to your taste, then the good old 30-pin socket to USB port adapter should do just fine.

Those were my major problems with it, with minor ones been the lack of a built in camera, or iSight, etc etc.

So after making an in depth investigation into the iPad on the apple site, looking over its many features, I am now even more sure that it is a piece of technology that I not only want, but actually could make great use of.

Sorry for the lack of a picture this time, I'm posting off of my girlfriends laptop, so no great lol folder :(

"Hate not the weak or stupid, they are products of their history, not of choice."


  1. nice investigation man :D
    i was tossing over wheather i should ger one or not and your post is pushing me towards getting it.
    it is a really good machine and would be very handy for the tupical uni student.
    we are in grave need for it by the sounds of it... what else would we do in vis101 if it is boring?? :S
    we would have in endure it... not cool.
    now to go to ebay and see what they have :D lol

    thanks you for info :)

  2. i saw an iPad yesterday, it was pretty cool, but it really is an oversized iPod touch (which i already have) i know that the bigger screen (which is acutely smaller than i thought it would be) would make things a lot easer for some applications but still... i don't think i would go out and bye one, i would love to have one but i don't think i would go out and spend that much money on it.