Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Days Alone

Well it's been interesting, I'll say that.

I've spoken little, save on the phone to various peoples, which is rare, and even rarer to my neighbours.

I've sadly got little work done; a little here and there on my HTML site, not much though. Lots of required reading for VIS101, and a minor rotoscoping test for VFX101.

Eating, drinking (liver is getting a good rest too btw) and watching MASH all day everyday, burning some movies to watch, but otherwise very quiet. I like it. Solitude has been very enjoyable, and still no sign of anyone else returning, probably be back tomorrow though.

I should note I'm not entirely alone, I have the fish I'm caring for of course.

But I shall be brief with this post.

This posts pic is my own creation, after watching "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" I was inspired to make this for use on the might know where.

"I'd rather live one day as a lion than one -thousand years as a lamb."

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