Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Big Bad Final Blog Entry...or is it?!

Over the course of my MPI104 subject, i have learnt many things; some new, some old, but all useful in one way or another.

To begin with, the basics:, Flickr, and Blogger. Three sites of similar purpose yet different content. Blogger is for uploading and sharing words, prose, and thoughts. Flicker is for exchanging and global viewing of each others images, videos and sights. Finally Delicious is for charing and showing where we have been and where we go on the internet, a world of its own, when seen in a certain light. You might say that Blogger, Flickr and Delicious are a portal for showing what we think, what we see, and what we are respectively.

Then Google, and its manny, many facets, from Gmail to iGoogle, Google docs and maps, books, music, videos, calendars, games, you name it. Another interesting medium which we didn't go into in class is GoogleWave, an interesting realtime message board style system free for all to use at the same time. It is new and will probably be changed in the future, but is none the less interesting in its execution, check it out.

Athene, and with it HTML, CSS, FTP to name a few of the (sometimes confusing IMHO) acronyms. This was not entirely new to me, but it was good to be refreshed with some HTML coding which I had long ago forgotten. CSS is clearly superior to HTML if you know how to use it, and finally learning about simple FTP processes was a blessing, as I have greatly enjoyed making my own website.

And this brings me to iWeb, which I greatly appreciate as one of the most easy to use, straight forward, simple HTML website building program, other than simply using Word.

With small touches on Tecnorati and other online systems, this subject has taught me much and I will no doubt put much of it to use in the future.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010




Basically it lets you upload files onto a remote internet server; transferring files from one spot to another, using magic.

This allows you to avoid the issues of different Operating systems or file names as both ends of the connection are under different controls and codes......again with magic.

It has a downside of the fact that if anyone is monitoring the transfer, they can read the information being sent, as it is unencrypted.

Sadly I am very tired today so I wont have a large tirade about it all, but I will say I am very excited about using it.

My pic is Encyclopedia Dramaticas' take on the internet....well part of it.

"Symbols are given their power by people. Why, with enough people, blowing up a building could change the world."