Friday, September 3, 2010

More MPI in the new semester...

So now I have to make a 1 minute podcast about some new and up coming technology, so I'm gonna do the sixth Sense technology that was unveiled at TED in 2009, quite an awesome piece of technology. Here is the draft script for my podcast:

These days everyone wants the latest technological marvel. The newest smart phone or the best laptop, your portable electronic devices define you as much as does your clothes or choice of deodorant.

But, when you think about it, going beyond the fashion statement so obviously made by these pieces of plastic, what are we really paying lots….and lots, of money for? What do we get out of it? Connectivity, and information, and the ever more seamless access to the two. Devices are gearing towards more and more intuitive connection between user and device, trying to blur the line between them. A perfect device would be one we don’t even know we are using. Such a thing almost exists. At TED India in 2009, one of the Technology, Entertainment, Design conferences, Pranav Mistry revealed his brainchild known as Sixth Sense Technology. Imagine you’re on holiday in some distant country; you want to take a picture of something? Just make the classic framing gesture with your thumbs and forefingers and it’s done. Want to know what that sign says? The English translation appears beneath it and you’re on your way. You’re in a coffee shop with your travelling companions and want to decide what to do next, so a map of the local area with points of interest appears on the table, you flick through the weather reports, touch a landmark and more information appears before you.

All this and more is possible with Sixth Sense. All you have is a small projector and camera hanging from your neck or on your hat. The camera recognises your gestures and your surroundings, and the projector gives you the information you desire, from your “desktop”, now available anywhere, to anything you can imagine.

sadly i read this out at a fast pace and it went for 1:30 so I have to trim it.


  1. Holy crap that impressive. When is it slated for release?

  2. never, the designer is trying to make it open source, so you'll download the software onto your device and link it up to the necessary hardware...though im sure at some point something like it will become commercially available

  3. great sht. Bro update daily if u can ur blog.